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Ristorante La Chimera - Lido di Fermo


Since 1996 to Lido di Fermo, the pizzeria LA CHIMERA, available to its customers; always trying to grow and meet with cortesy and hospitality needs of its guests.

An enchanting oasis of refreshment, a magical place where nourish the body but also the soul, pizza tasted exclusive and great food in a confortable and exclusive.

Over time, always trying improve, we have preserved our familiarity and our truth, to which a great clientele, habitual and affectionate, shows a friendly response.

In the summer thanks to the exceptional location, you can dine in comfort, in the tranquility of grove of oaks, with our playground that is the attraction for all children, leaving adults the opportunity to enjoy a quiet dinner and relaxed.

For who want more privacy we provide another more private where you can enjoy dinner near to our scenic pool.

Why choose us ?

Because the pizza cooked in the wood oven is our most important business card.

Because in the summer you can enjoy dinner at one of the tables of the large garden.

Because your children can play in the playground.

Because the wide green spaces will make your and your evenings.

Because the quality of our meat cut of beef will please your senses; because the homemade desserts make important every momente spent with us; and especially because a pizza you can eat anywere…        are the feelings and emotions that we would try to be unique.








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Ristorante La Chimera

Via Nazionale, 78
63900 Fermo (FM) - Italy


Tel: 0734.641901


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