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San Ruffino Cosmetis - Smerillo

Doctor Pasquale Palazzo
ALOE VERA A vital leaf A pioneer of Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera, a miracle plant? Not exactly. No doubt it is an high quality natural therapy for many diseases.

Beneficial effects of its use in different pathologies keep being increasingly recognized. Palazzo is of Lucanian origin, he lives in Smerillo ( Marche – Italy ) and he has been the owner and founder of SAN RUFFINO COSMETICS since the beginning of 1988. Doctor Palazzo is a chemist and a great expert and scholar of the plant’s properties. He is a pioneer of Aloe Vera Studies and he is the maker of its introduction in Italy that has begun in 1990.
All begins with the meeting between the chemist and an American Doctor who is of Sioux origin. The last one had observed that American Indians were using Aloe Vera. At that point Doctor Palazzo began his studies and introduced the use of Aloe Vera in Italy. “I could define it – Palazzo goes on – a natural therapy able to adapt to a variety of situations, that try to get remedy of organism imbalance that is the reason of serious pathologies in many cases. Nevertheless, we must be clear, Aloe Vera – underlines Palazzo – is not a miracle cure and it cannot treat tumors, but it plays a significant role as an immune system help for a better reaction against the disease”.

Doctor Palazzo is also one of the Aloe Vera products supplier of the Vatican Herbalist’s shop. He works together with some University Hospitals ( in Milan, Perugia and Padua ) for testing in depth beneficial effects of that plant. Furthermore the Doctor is cooperating in ‘Healthy Herbs’ of “Naturalia”, an international event devoted to natural world among which there’s herbal therapy field.





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San Ruffino Cosmetics
Dott. Pasquale Palazzo
Via Valtenna, 26
C.a.p.  63856  Smerillo FM - The Marches Region - Italy

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Tel: +39 0734 79419

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